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Hello Mr Rajendra, Thank you very much !!! yours statues is nice and beautyful.. OK Mr Rajendra,...

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12'' Stupa
12'' Stupa
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12" Stapa
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·         Stupa (Chorten in Tibetan which means "the basis of offering") is an important religious monument in Tibet. This unique religious architectural form expresses significant religious symbolism and presents Buddha's physical presence. It generally consists of three parts; a whitewashed base, a whitewashed cylinder and a crowning steeple or shaft. The square base foundation, representing the Buddha's lotus throne, symbolizes earth, the state of solidity and five forces (faith, concentration, mindfulness, perseverance and wisdom.) The four stepped base may or may not have openings. Above the base is a square or hexagon four stepped pedestal which represents The Buddha's crossed legs. Seated on the base is the cylinder, representing his torso. This symbolizes water, the state of fluidity and seven essential conditions of enlightenment: concentration, effort, equanimity, flexibility, mindfulness, joy and wisdom. Sometimes a Stupa has a shield like grillwork in one face. This allows relics of high lamas, statues and other items to be put inside. Between the cylinder and the crowning steeple, three is a square box, called Harmika, which represents the Buddha's eyes. It is considered to be the residence of the gods, symbolizing the eightfold noble path. The crowning steeple, the Buddha's crown, is usually hand - made of brass and/or covered with gold leaf. It is segmented into 13 tapering rings, a parasol and a twin symbol of the Sun and the Moon. Those rings, representing fire and the thirteen steps of enlightenment, successively symbolize ten powers of the Buddha and three close contemplations. The stylized parasol, representing wind, wards off all evil. At the top of the steeple is the twin symbol of the Sun and the Moon, which represent wisdom and method respectively. A flaming jewel may be found on the top of the twin symbol, symbolizing the highest enlightenment.

Stupa or Chorten or Chaitya, which represents the Buddhist Universe, is the Buddhist sanctuary, sometimes square and sometimes round, with spires or steps on the capital. A Stupa is a tower or steeple erected atop Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist temples. The Stupa is a symbol for the elementary organization of the universe according to Hindu cosmology. Each spire or step represents a heaven, the uppermost portion being a point which is supposed to be the highest peak of Mount Sumeru, a mythical mountain whence the Bodhichitta loses itself in sunya. It is composed of four parts (from the base, up), symbolizing the five tattwas, or elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. On the four sides of the Stupa or Chaitya the figures of four Dhyani Buddhas; Akshobhya, Ratna Sambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi are placed. The place of Vairochana is in the centre. In some Stupa or Chaitya Vairochana is placed to the east along with Akshobhya.

·         Size:                         12”Inches

·         Price:                        500 USD           

·         Weight:                     3000 Grams

·         Materials:                 Copper Alloy with 24 Karat Full Gold Gilded.

·         Shipping:                  Within 48 hours of transaction.

·         Delivery:                   Worldwide delivery by DHL within 3 to 5 business days.

·         Remarks:                 Unique Full Gold Gilded statue, Hand made in Patan Nepal.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 July, 2009.
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